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Stains FAQs

Results of stain removal of the Mr. Sketch Washable markers and Mr. Sketch Scented Washable markers will be significantly better than the other product lines.

From Skin: Wash immediately with soap and water. Stains may take a few days to fade.

From Fabrics/Clothing: Flush stain thoroughly with cool water. Pre-soak in an enzyme detergent or other pre-wash product according to the manufacturer’s directions. Rinse thoroughly again with water. While the fabric is still wet, lay the article stain down on paper towels or clean white cloth. Take another clean white cloth with rubbing alcohol on it and using a dabbing motion, push the stain through to the clean white cloth underneath. Change cloth under fabric as it becomes stained with ink.

Launder as usual. If stain persists, repeat the above steps, then place in direct sunlight for several hours or try Amodex Stain Remover. For ‘dry cleanable’ clothing or fabric, take to a commercial dry cleaner and advise them of the type of ink stain (water-soluble dyes).

From Painted, Enameled, Varnished, Plastic Surfaces, Glass and Metal: These surfaces may be washed with detergent and water. A mild abrasive or mild bleach may be used to remove final traces of the ink. (Try abrasive on a small, unexposed area first to check colorfastness, etc.)

From Unfinished Wood, Brick, Stone, and Cement: Surfaces should be washed with a large volume of detergent and water using a scrub brush. An abrasive or bleach may be used to remove the final traces. Sunlight may also bleach the stain.