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Yes, our organization has a comprehensive program in place to assure the writing instruments affected by CPSIA are compliant.

A very small subset of our product offerings is classified as CPSIA “children's products." In general, these include Mr.Sketch® markers and Expo® Washables™ markers. These products comply with all applicable parts of CPSIA including the lead content restrictions and certification requirements. The vast majority of Newell Brands' writing instruments are classified as general use products - intended for a broad range of users (adults and children). As general use products, they are not subject to CPSIA. This is a position asserted by the CPSC itself in the various guidance documents and industry rulings they have published. In this regard, please see the following link to the interpretive letter used by the CPSC: https://www.cpsc.gov.

For the subset of products that are CPSIA “children's products," we offer Certificates of Conformity to interested individuals via our website. We do not issue Certificates for our general use products since they are not subject to any CPSIA certification requirement.