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Mr. Sketch FAQs

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers are available in many different pack sizes at retailers nationwide. Please see your local supercenter, grocery, office or drug store for availability. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers are also available online!

We offer two class packs depending on the tip you desire. Class packs are available in a 216 count Stix pack, as well as a 192 count Chisel pack.

We would love to hear your recommendation for a new smell! Please contact us and your recommendation will be sent to our brand team.

The Mr. Sketch Stix markers are still fine point; however, they are a slightly larger fine point than the previous Stix style.

Yes, all Mr. Sketch products are safe for children over 3 years of age. Due to the presence of small parts, these products are not appropriate for children under three. All Mr. Sketch Markers are water-based and each ingredient goes through our rigorous internal qualification process and a 3rd party toxicology review to ensure safety.

Even though Mr. Sketch scented products are tested by ACMI, a 3rd party toxicologist, to ensure they meet our high safety standards (see NONTOXIC Q&A below), we know our delicious scents are attractive to children and adults alike. We want to help keep our curious children from attempting to consume our products. This is why we include the bittering agent Bitrex.

Mr. Sketch products that contain this logo signify that the product contains Bitrex and has been tested by Macfarlan Smith, Ltd. through human taste trials run by an independent, certified sensory evaluation facility. When a product bears the Bitrex Logo, it means the product contains a sufficient level of Bitrex, "The World’s Most Bitter Substance" to cause children to spit out rather than consume the product. For more information see the Bitrex website.

Note: If Bitrex is transferred onto the skin through contact with the marker or crayon, it can be removed by washing with soap and water.

Inhalant abuse of markers is associated with volatile aromatic solvents due to their intoxicating effects. Mr. Sketch markers are made with water-based inks rather than aromatic solvents.

For more information on solvent huffing, please visit this website on Inhalants.